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Online Reading Tutoring

Reading doesn't come easy for everyone. 

Have you noticed your child struggling to sound out words? You sit next to them patiently encouraging them to put the sounds together. They finally read the word but then they are stuck on the same word a minute later. Maybe their reading sounds okay but when you ask them questions about what they read they have nothing to say. 

Pushing back and losing confidence. 

You notice their feelings towards reading turning negative and it seems like they are always looking for a way out of doing it. Even just mentioning the word reading can be a trigger. Maybe they have always loved school but you worry that as time goes on they will loose the enthusiasm and confidence that they once had. 

Trying your best to help. 

You've been told by the school that your child is below grade level in reading. Or maybe you hear nothing but as their parent you notice a difference between their reading and the reading of other children their age. You don't want to see your child struggle so you do your research.  You take trips to the library, download apps, read articles, even incentivize them with rewards. But let's be honest, coaxing a child into post-school reading can be like convincing a toddler to share their favorite toy. Maybe carving out time in the evenings on a consistent basis isn't realistic for your family. Despite your best intentions, you aren't seeing the progress that you hoped for and it leaves you feeling frustrated and helpless. 

They can learn!

You are absolutly not alone. In fact, 1 in 5 children in the United States have a learning and/or thinking difference such as ADHD, Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, or Dyspraxia. These challenges are not related to intellegince but instead have to do with differences in how our brains develop and process information. Specific strategies and supports, along with patience and understanding are needed to help these children be successful in school and in life. 

Why does our tutoring work?

We believe that children only give their best when they feel understood and cared about. That's why our first goal is always to get to know the child outside of academics and open up about ourselves to build strong connections. We understand that reading has been hard, which is why we approach children from a place of understanding and patience. We celebrate the things they can do, while still maintaining high expectations for growth. 

Unlike larger tutoring platforms, Bright Kidz Tutors keep 85% of the rate that you pay. This is why we are able to have such incredibly talented tutors that love what they do. They work very hard desgning lessons that will provide the most value to their students and are constantly looking for new ways to help their students. Unfortunetly this is not the norm for most large scale tutoring companies. As an experienced teacher with a Masters Degree I made $15 an hour working for Varsity Tutors. Meanwhile, the families I was doing the tutoring for paid $85 for each lesson. It's not surprising that the result is high turnover and less dedicated tutors. 


Meet Ms. Cooper

Hi, I'm Sara, I am the owner of Bright Kidz Tutoring! I've known I wanted to be a teacher since I was old enough to play pretend teacher to an imaginary class of kids. I have dedicated my life to working with children to build their confidence and help them discover a love of learning. After seeing so many students in my class struggle with reading and feeling disappointed in myself that I couldn't give them the help they needed in the classroom, I began staying after school and meeting them over the weekends for tutoring. I got to see a completly different side of my students that I never got to see in the classroom. The same child who broke down when I asked them to read me the directions on their worksheet, was now asking me if they could stay longer so they could read another book with me. When I saw my students make more progress in one month of tutoring than they had all school year in my class, I knew I had found something really special. 

How it Works...


Sign Up For a Free Welcome Meeting

Getting to know your child and building a strong relationship is very important to us. During this time we will create plan for how to best meet your child's needs. 

Pick a Plan


Chose a weekly plan that fits your needs and budget.

  • 1 hour per week

  • 2 hours per week

  • 3 hours per week 



Reserve Your Weekly Tutoring Time

Select the day of the week and time that you are available for tutoring. We will meet for lessons on this day and time every week. ​(Example: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:00-6:00PM)

Zoom links for sessions are provided after booking. 

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